The style, art, work, publications and life of Gerald McConnell, illustrator and publisher.
Paper plate art - Apollo portraits

As a young boy growing up with the Space Race, I was always after my Dad for things like the "Official Crew Portraits" of the Apollo missions. It was pretty easy to keep on him about it because the Grocery stores usually had Apollo 8x10's for sale.

His solution, which I have grown to really appreciate, was to sketch them out on paper plate's during the summer of '69 in Bridgeport Conn. I did what most kids would have done, I added a little to Apollo 10 and Apollo 11.

Later, thanks to his work with the Air Force Art Program and the NASA art program, he had lunch in the 70's with Michael Collins, and obtained a autograph on a napkin for me.

Dad also knew Robert McCall, the "world's preeminent space artist," after McCall published a book of his work, which included an introduction by Neil A. Armstrong, Dad obtained Armstrong's signature. But the most valuable items of Space stuff are my four paper plates.

- Kevin

2006-12-16 19:40:53 GMT
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